Are beavers dangerous?



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    Beavers, like most animals, keep to themselves. They can be dangerous if you get a bite from them, however. They have very powerful jaws and teeth. Beavers are ecosystem engineers. This means they create new habitats for other creatures by making dams and flooding areas. Sometimes, beaver dams are not always welcome as they can block valuable water sources needed for humans and other animals.

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    The biggest threats beavers pose to people are property damage and disease.  They will chop down trees, tear up yards, and cause flooding in their attempts to set up a lodge.  Beavers can infest the water supply with giardia, a.k.a. beaver fever, a parasite of the intestine, that will cause nausae, fatigue, diarrhea, and weight loss.  Different parasites that can come from beavers can cause a number of health problems, including fever, liver and lung complications, and blindness.  Beavers, even with their big sharp teeth, are not likely to bite people.  However, if one is fearless enough to approach a person, it probably has rabies, which can lead to paralysis or death.

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