Are beavers bad for a forest?



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    From the forest’s point of view, maybe, in that trees are cut down. On the other hand tree removal by beavers may create open space for new growth, maintaining a healthy forest. From the beaver’s point of view, probably not bad.

    Questions of good and bad are not really appropriate for natural systems; “good” and “bad” are usually human-imposed and based on our preferences, which may or may not reflect understanding.

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    They are usually not bad for a forest. In fact, they can provide habitats for a wide variety of amphibians, fish, mammals, and birds through producing dams. They can also reduce flooding downstream and increase the growth of certain kinds of trees by eating others. Yet their dams can cause flooding upstream, and the damage that they do on the environment through eating trees is increased when an area is overpopulated with beavers. However, it appears that beavers have an overall positive effect on forests.

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    Nature is in dynamic equilibrium– and by that I mean that it is constantly adapting and changing to meet the needs of the whole system of nutrient cycles. Therefore, an increase or decrease in beavers is not bad for the environment, it is simply a fluctuation that will have an effect to which the whole system will adapt. For example, increases in beaver population will trigger increases in populations of beaver predators as a result of more food supply. This in turn will reduce the beaver population and the cycle continues… fluctuating through dynamic equilibrium.

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    No, Beavers are a natural edition to their environment. For example, beavers create bodies of water for fish to live in, produce, feed and create life for algae, etc. All though their innovative dams. Beaver dams are not like human dams, like Hoover Dam 🙂 Beaver dams are generally nurturing to other forms of wildlife.

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