Are beavers and otters related?



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    Though the two semi-aquatic animals may seem similar, they are not related. Beavers are rodents, in relation to rats, mice, chinchillas, and others among the like. There are two species of beavers, one in North America and the other in Europe. Otters, on the other hand, are weasels. They relate to skunks, minks, and badgers. Otters can be found throughout the world, as there are 18 different species of the animal.

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    No, beavers and otters are not related. They are different animals and come from different orders. The otter belongs to the order Carnivora and the beaver is  from the order Rodentia. The otter is a carnivore, while the beaver is strictly vegetarian. The otter is a relative of the weasel and the beaver is a relative of the rat.  

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    That depends on how closely they need to be related if you are going to consider them related. Even though they do not belong to the same order as mire2187 stated, they both belong to the same class: mammalia. Mammals include humans, beavers, otters, cats, dogs, rodents, bears, and many more animals. So you could say that beavers and otters are about as closely related as we are to dogs.

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