Are beatification projects successful?



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    I believe most beautification projects to be successes, even if only temporarily; generally, the goal being to take a polluted area, usually one with litter and refuse, and turn it into an area with flowers and shrubbery.

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    Yes, many beautification projects are successful though the level of success can depend on the community effort exerted and the amount of maintanence kept up. The more volunteers on a beautification project, the more successful it has a chance at being. 

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    It is difficult to speak of beautification projects without mentioning Lady Bird Johnson, who championed such efforts throughout her tenure as first lady. Lady Bird believed that beautifying the landscape positively effects such areas as mental health, crime rates, and pollution. One of her greatest projects was to clean up Washington D.C., which had become dilapidated as a consequence of poverty and racial tensions. Her work endures to this day.

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