Are the beads in facewash safe for the environment?



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    It depends on the face wash. Lots of cosmetics are made with dangerous chemicals or ingredients which are not biodegradable. If you’re concerned about the ingredients in your face wash, I recommend looking into the wide variety of natural cosmetics available on the market from companies like Burt’s Bees, etc.

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    Not to bring up a technicality, but Burt’s Bees was recently acquired by Clorox. Although their products remain environmentally friendly, Clorox itself is not a green company, and thus their products should be avoided.

    There are, however, plenty of other companies that specialize in more eco-friendly products, and many offer scrubs exfoliating scrubs (e.g. the tea tree scrub offered at the Body Shop).

    As the first responder mentioned though, there are alternatives that can be made in the home, and that is probably the best of all the options.

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