Are battery swap programs working?



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    I think this question might require two answers.  

    As far as U.S. Cellular’s cell phone battery swap is concerned, customers have been very appreciative and excited about the potential to simply drop by a store and exchange their dying battery for a full charged new one.  The program is geared towards supplying top notch customer service and encourages U.S. Cellular clients to utilize this option up to four times a month.

    Secondly, there have been mixed reports on how effective and efficient electric vehicle battery swapping stations are performing.  Better Place, has been testing and revising their battery swapping station in Tokyo, which functions much like a drive-thru car wash, settling with some pretty solid results.  Average change time : 59.1 seconds and you’re back on the road with a fully charged battery.  

    Doubts are expressed as to whether or not these stations will really catch on in the long run, where the hope is that vehicle battery life will have progressed enough to forgo these swaps.

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