Are solar battery chargers an efficient way to charge batteries?



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    Is it efficient because it uses renewable and green energy? Yes. Is it efficient in the time it takes to charge batteries? This depends on how big the solar panel is and whether it is getting direct sunshine. Sometimes solar panels can take longer to charge batteries, than it would be to plug them into an electrical circuit. However, I think it’s worth it considering you are helping to end our dependence on fossil fuels. Every little bit helps. 

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    Yes they are, the benefits of a solar battery charger are:

    They are very durable so they will have a lounge lifetime. They can store allot of sun energy, up to 20000 mAh. They can save you allot of money, you will never have to buy new batteries anymore. They can be charged by the suns energy, by a USB connection or even by a AC adapter. In some cases you even can wind them up. Solar chargers are ideal for people who travel long distances and have no charging possibilities near by. They are surely very helpful.

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