Are baked lays better for the environment?



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    This question is debatable, but it appears that Baked Lays are just as harmful to the environment as regular Lays are.  Frito-Lay’s big pitch for their baked products is that they don’t contain MSG.  Well instead they use an excitotoxin like yeast extract, which sounds less harmful but in reality acts the same way MSG does.  Excitotoxins like MSG can promote cancer, cause nervous system damage, headaches, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, vision problems, asthma, sleep problems, ADD, ADHD, irritable bowel, pain in joints, blood pressure problems, and sudden cardiac arrest.  One positive thing about Baked Lays is that they are made from potato flakes and flour, essentially using up the scraps of the other Lays chip products.

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