Are the bags used to store potato chips recyclable?



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    Generally no, but there’s an interesting site call TerraCycle that takes your seemingly unusable trash, such as potato chip bags, and converts it into other products.  Check it out!

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    Frito Lay has just announced its Sun Chips biodegradable bag. The corn-based polymer chip bags are expected to biodegrade in any compost pile within 14 weeks and are the first in its kind. Beware though, other Frito Lay products are not yet biodegradable-only sun chips for now, but it is a step in the right direction!

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    You can also wash potato chip bags and reuse them for storing other foods.

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    They are not usually recyclable, but there are some innovative companies that use recyclable bags, or just use paper products, which are recyclable. However, most chip bags won’t be accepted by your regular curb side recycler.

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