Are bacteria and viruses the same thing?



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    No, they have many distinct differences.  First, bacteria are one-celled living organisms that have complete sets of DNA and RNA, while viruses are simply portions of DNA or RNA covered by protein.  Therefore, bacteria are much bigger than viruses.  They also are completely different in how the reproduce.  Bacteria can reproduce on it’s own whereas viruses need a living host in order to reproduce which makes it able to lie dormant for many years.  Another major difference is that the vast majority of known bacteria (99%) are beneficial to humans whereas viruses have no known benefits – viruses meerly use the host to reproduce and survive and sometimes cause illnesses.

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     No they are not. Bacteria are generally (not always) less dangerous and can be cured by using the correct antibiotics. Virus’s cannot be cured by antibiotics, they have to be cured by allowing time to pass, or by recieving a vaccination prior to contracting said virus. Many medical epidemics of our time (most notably AIDs and HIV) are virus’s, and we are still looking for cures for them.

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