Are baby rattlesnakes really more dangerous than bigger ones?



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    They can be. 

    Rattlesnakes are born without rattles so there is no warning sign before they plan on striking.  They are also more defensive than adult rattlesnakes so it is harder to predict a strike.  Babies are born with venom and short fangs, ready to attack.  The baby rattlesnake also strikes repeatedly when they attack prey.

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    I could not find any research to back this up, but I have often heard that baby rattlesnakes cannot regulate how much venom they inject. I have heard that this can make them more dangerous if they accidently inject a large volume of venom. 

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    Like paclemens said, baby rattlesnakes are unable to control the amount of venom injected when they strike, adult rattlesnakes can.  75% of the time an adult rattlesnake withholds their venom upon striking, almost like a warning strike.  Additionally, while both the adult and baby rattlesnake contain hemotoxin and neurotoxin in their venom, the baby rattle has very little hemotin and mostly neurotixin, which is more fatal.

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    I think little snake is more poisonous than big one.


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