Are avocado trees hard to maintain?



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    I’ve never personally grown an avocado tree, I have found websites online that say that it is pretty easy. They can even be grown indoors. You can grow avocado trees from the pit of an avocado that you eat, but they rarely produce fruit. Grafting an avocado tree (that will produce fruit) can be harder, but can be done.

    Avocado trees grow best in Mediterranean climates, which are similar to California weather in the United States.

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    It seems to be pretty easy to get an avocado tree to grow. You can place the avocado pit under soil with the pointy side up and water. This may not work every time, but it seems to be very easy. Another way to get an avocado tree to grow is to place toothpicks in the sides of the pit and place it on a jar of water. The bottom half of the avocado should be under water. All that needs to happen now is wait until is sprouts and place it in the ground.

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    Last summer I tried to sprout 3 avocado pits in a cup with toothpicks. Only one of them even sort of sprouted, but it didn’t last long. I think it took about four weeks for the one to sprout. It was pretty disappointing, but you may have better luck than I did. 

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    It is fairly easy to grow one or two avacado trees.  However, commercial growers face serious obstacles in the form of diseases, especially root rot, that are readily spread by adherence of disease spores on persons moving between contaminated orchards and clean orchards without changing their clothing.

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