Are attractive people more intelligent?



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    According to the articles below, there is a correlation between attractiveness and intelligence.  

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    Many studies have found that attractiveness and intelligence (both perceived and objective) are correlated. There are many factors that must be considered to explain why this is so. For example, there is a biological predisposition to thinking that more attractive people are more intelligent, which likely has a subconscious interaction with health and nutrition, socioeconomic status, and more. The study below has detailed explanations of many of these factors.

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    Despite the correlations, that doesn’t mean ugly people are dumb, and all pretty people are geniouses. Whatever you look like, there are dozens of people that defy this correlation, so don’t worry about it. Bill Gates is hardly a fox, and Jessica Simpson’s brain is not as impressive as her figure.

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    There have been studies done to show a correlation between attractiveness and intelligence, however, it is more likely that people spend more time and attention with attractive people, thereby helping them in their daily life which may either lead to a true increase in intelligence or may in fact just be perceived.  Considering those who we consider extremely intelligient – Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Benjamin Franklin, DaVinci, Madame Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt – none of them are what we would also consider extremely attractive.

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    One could argue there is also an element of self-fulfilling prophesy in seeking linkages between attractiveness and intelligence (or attractiveness and warmth, humour, etc). The Discovery Channel did a piece on exactly this topic, titled the Science of Beauty. In the linked clip, one of the scientists featured argued that because we expect attractive people to be intelligent, or interesting, or warm, they respond to this expectation, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. Equally, because we are often willing to give attractive people a little more leeway due to our own interest in them, perhaps the parameters within which they’re deemed “intelligent” are wider than those of their more homely counterparts.

    The full video, here.

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