Are asthma inhalers bad for the environment?



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    They can be. Older-style asthma inhalers, which are still widespread, often use CFCs, a major ozone-depleting class of chemical, as a propellant. Unfortunately, HFAs, the alternative propellants, are under patent, so an HFA-inhaler wll be more expensive than an ordinary, CFC-propelled one. Also, the inhalers are often made of plastic and aluminum, recyclable materials–they must be recycled or else they will wind up in a landfill with the rest of our discarded trash.

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    Even if these inhalers are bad to environment, if there is no way for proper health then we can not avaoid the usage of inhalers. When it comes on choosing environment or health. We tend to choose health.

    Does any one know if ventolin inhaler cause damage to environment. I use generic ventolin I get it online on a regular basis.

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