Are Asian carp used for food anywhere?



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    Oh yes, they’ve been used as food for years. Especially in places like Illinois and Missouri, where the fish are a ubiquitous pest, they have begun fishing them out of the water and selling them to restaurants. This is actually not a bad strategy, because while th efish is edging out natural wildlife, it is also natural and renewable for the same reason, since it can’t be killed off or removed. Making the best of what could hvae been a bad situation.

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    Of course they are used for food . Thousand of tons of Asian Carp are processed into what is commonly called Gelfish. Much of this is harvested from the Mississippi River and shipped by the bardge load to Middle east countries . It has been done almost as a Cutom during lent when no meat can be consumed. But the<a href=”“> Asian Carp Crisis </a>can not be solved by just eating them. They simply multiply and grow in size too rapidly. If we all lived only on the Asian Carp diet , they still would destroy the ecosystems of our fresh water in the Great Lakes . They already are highly populated in the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. 

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