Are ashes from a stove good for the garden?



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    Depends. Do you have a wood stove? It also depends on the kind of soil you have in your garden. It might help some plants and inhibit others froms growing.

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    If you have acidic soil it will help increase the pH to the 6-7 range. This is the range of soil pH that most plants grow well in. If you have clay soil the ashes will prevent flocculation or clumping of the soil. This will create a soil that is porous and drains well.

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    I agree with the post above in that you definitely need to pay attention to your soil and also what you’re growing.   Emilia Hazelip, a famous synergetic gardener, used ash lightly on bean plants because the potash in the ash stimulated the germination of the beans.  Other people use them to repel snails.   Be careful though because since ashes are a disinfectant (In our house we use them to make soap and wash the dishes) they can disrupt and kill some of the beneficial microbes in the soil, so you’ll be working against yourself.   Antonio Uriales, a late Argentinian permaculture expert, used ashes in his soil but he washed the ashes first to soften the disinfecting power.   

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