Are apple seeds poisonous?



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    The seeds of apples do contain toxic cyanogenic acids which can cause cyanide poisoning. But even if chewed, which would expose you to the poisons, apple seeds are so small that it won’t have an effect on your body.  Additionally if you swallow the seeds whole you will also not feel any toxic effects.  However, if you were to eat a large quantity of apple seeds you would most likely become ill and could possibly even die.


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    Yes.  Apple seeds contain cyanogenic acids.  Swallowing a few seeds won’t hurt you, your body would absorb very little toxins.  Chewing the seeds is more dangerous, particularly for children and pets. 

    Apparently, if you ingest several seeds, or if a child or pet does, it’s important to seek medical attention and have the stomach pumped or take an antidote. Symptoms can range from headache, dizziness, anxiety, confusion and vomiting to trouble breathing, increased heart rate and blood pressure,and kidney failure.  These symptoms could lead to coma, convulsions, and even death from respiratory arrest.

    However, the likelihood of an apple related fatality is slim, as we hear very little of apple seed death.  I think you should go on eating apples without fear.

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    Such a small amonut of cyanide presence  in apple my not harmful ,as i come to many exprience in village life where pet animals  eat 5-10 kg apples daily for about 3-4 months during fruit season,but i still find no any symtoms,rather having symtoms the cow give more milk.

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