Are any species of trantulas edible in the United States?



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    This is an extremely tricky question. Tarantulas in the United States are not poisonous, so yes you can most likely eat them. However, I would actually contact a doctor first, just to be absolutely positive. In Cambodia, and other parts of Asia they do eat tarantulas. Often you can go by the color of bugs to know if they poisonous. Insects that are brightly colored are usually poisonous. I am sorry I couldn’t be more definitive about this question. However, if you are interested in other bugs feel free to go here

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    While tarantulas are a common delicacy in Thailand and Cambodia, they are rarely eaten in the United States. This is because a lot of tarantulas native to the US (mostly in the Western and Southwestern regions) have developed something called urticating hairs. While not as potent as venom we would associate with a black widow or some snakes, these urticating hairs secrete the sort of venom in a wasps’ sting, and cause significantly painful and irritating skin damage. 

    While the effects of urticating hair poison are not damaging in the long-term, it’s probably still not anything you’d want floating around your digestive tract.

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