Are any rainforests growing back and getting bigger?



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    While many rainforests are experiencing regrowth due to conservation efforts, the problem is that we are losing the old growth (big trees) to logging, and new trees cannot replace the old growth that we have lost except over a long time period.

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    According to biologist Joe Wright, the total amount of land covered by rainforest has actually been constant. Although rainforest is cleared due to logging or slash and burn sustenance farming, usually resources are extracted then the forest is allowed to recover (for a while at least). Unfortunately, the regrowth is dubbed ‘secondary forest’ and doesn’t contain all the mature trees and biodiversity as the virgin forest. Panama is cited as an example of surprisingly decent rainforest recovery. Other biologists, however, continue to be concerned with the large-scale deforestation of rainforest for commercial purposes, particularly in Brazil.

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