Are any other BP oil rigs at risk of disaster?



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    While the Deepwater Horizon rig is obviously the center of this argument, there’s no specific locations at risk. The business practices of BP all but assure there are many rigs in poor condition and vulnerable to disaster. BP is inadequate in many facets of the construction and oversight of their oil rigs. A “culture of safety” is put forth by BP; the facts offer a different perspective despite the insistence of BP engineers otherwise.

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    After the BP oil spill, Obama stopped all offshore drilling and pledged that no new companies would be able to drill offshore without environmental reviews.  Then, earlier this year, his administration allowed 13 companies to resume offshore drilling without any sort of assessment because apparently, they were drilling prior to environmental assessment before.  Regardless of that issue, 10 of the wells are exploratory wells, which is the same kind that BP was using when it had its explosion.  So, there are still major risks associated with the oil drilling that is happening off the U.S. coast.

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