Are any more newspapers planning to stop printing paper copies in favor of web-only content?



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    Papers in the United States are dropping left and right, with advertisers slowly but surely pulling out, leaving them with no financial base. The biggest problem here is that single companies owns multiple newspapers–meaning that if one paper suffers, they all suffer. The most recent one to go under was the Rocky Mountain News. Papers like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer are still putting out online content though.

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    Several print newspapers have recently made the switch to being online-only.  The Cincinnati Post and the Kentucky Post were shut down by the media giant E. W. Scripps.  A few days later was launched, with one of the former Post editors as the new editor of the site.  In Madison, Wisconsin, Capital Times stopped being a daily paper, and now publishes weekly tabloids with more of an emphasis on its website.  This definitely seems to be the trend for newspapers, especially because it has become hard for them to financially support themselves.

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