Are any of Jupiter’s moons habitable?



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    The moon in question is Europa, which has a thick layer of ice on its surface, and until recently, this was thought to merely be rock. This is not to say that drastic measures would have to be taken; obviously, for anything to survive on Europa, adaptations must be made.

    Banking on the theory that the ice will melt from internal friction of the tides below the surface, Europa is theoretically inhabitable.

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    Io, Europa, and Ganymede all have internal heat and volcanic activity, which is a factor in whether they could be habitable. Europa, which has a large ocean of water under an outer layer of ice, is even suspected of potentially fostering life.

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    Not as such, by humans, no. There’s some speculation Europa may harbor life such as bacteria, or creatures such as those found in geothermal vents deep in the Earth’s oceans.

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    According to this article, yes. Europa, the smallest of Jupiter’s moons may have a capacity for life. This moon is close in size to the Earth, and is thought to be capable of hosting life forms because of the abundance of water found there.

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    Seriously, you wouldn’t ask this question if you didn’t already have an idea of the answer. Which is…possible? Plausible?

    Europa is popularly considered to be the most likely place in the solar system for extra-terrestrial life, simply because it’s likely that liquid water is present on the surface. However, the window that would make life possible is very small, and if one of the components (temperature, salinity, etc) is off, then life (as we understand it) wouldn’t be possible.

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    I disagree to the preceding answers for all of them are mere speculations and assumptions. The truth and fact remain that no part of Jupiter’s moons is habitable since there is no other planet that is habitable by man and even other creatures. They are either too hot for life or too cold for life, period.

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