Are any fast-food chains making efforts at becoming more green?



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    There are examples of single restaurants from a chain going green. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky that just got LEED certification. The restaurant is naturally lit, and it harvests rainwater for irrigation. The frame of the building is made from sustainably-harvested wood.

    Also, there is a McDonald’s in North Carolina with 99 percent of an existing structure being recycled or reused for the new building. The restaurant will be 40 percent more energy-efficient than the previous version, and will save half a million gallons of water each year.

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    Going “green” is becoming a trend with many companies because it makes the company more marketable. Fast food companies are among the companies that I would personally like to see more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    McDonalds is working with PETA on reforming thier business practices to be more humane to animals as well as more environmentally friendly. Simalarly, if you are old enough to remember, they used to use Styrofoam all the time! but have switched to cardboard.

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