Are any cities building streetcars for inner city travel?



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    Some already have. There are really two types of “streetcars,” the first (which is the one I think you are referring to) being a system of modern vehicles that operates in the same way as the early 20th-century trolley system in many cities, and the second being “heritage lines” where antique trolleys have either been preserved or re-instituted. In the first category, Portland, Oregon opened a streetcar system in 2001 linking Portland State University to the northwestern downtown area, and Seattle instituted a streetcar in 2007. Vancouver, BC built a streetcar for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Washington, D.C.’s came online in 2009 and Atlanta is planning one. “Heritage” streetcars, harking back to yesteryear, can be found in many cities such as the St. Charles Line in New Orleans and the immortal cable car in San Francisco, made famous by the 1970s/1980s “Rice a Roni” commercials. As the problems of automobile transit mount, many people are realizing that streetcar systems as they existed in their heyday of the 1910s and 1920s are an efficient and cost-effective means of transit, even considering the nightmare front-end costs in building such a system and the irony of establishing new systems in cities that used to have them 100 years or more ago.

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