Are any beaches still closed because of oil contamination?



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    A street in Huntington Beach, CA was closed recently. I suppose you refer to the Gulf of Mexico. yes, some are closed. See second link.

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    Although some of the beaches are still closed like Rigibson points out, tourism has improved this summer over last summer. According to the Birmingham News, tourism in March, April and May was up 22.4 percent over the 2009 figures. 

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    Yes, due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill the number of beaches closed down has reached an all time high. Louisiana, Ohio and Indiana were the states with the most polluted beaches in 2010. New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii and Delaware, who have a farther proximity to the gulf, are the cleanest beaches. In California three beaches with chronic pollution problems are: Avalon Beach, Cabrillo Beach and Doheny State Beach.

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