Are any animals attempting to kill humans thanks to climate change?



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    As we can’t talk to animals (at least, I haven’t met Dr. Doolittle yet), it’s hard to tell what their motives really are. However, most animals don’t attack humans in general, due to us being apex predators, despite our relatively weak and fleshy casings. Many animal have adapted to the environments we create, and have moved into our cities however, attacking pets and raiding trashcans, even dangerous ones like the coyote. So while they haven’t attacked us yet, and probably don’t understand climate change, if food gets source and they can figure out a way, it is possible some larger naimals may consider humans as potential food sources due to desperation.

    I hope this helped!

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    The more the climate changes, the more animals’ natural habitats will be threatened, thereby pushing those animals into closer contact with humans.

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