Are ants and bees related?



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    Yes, they are. Bees, ants, wasps, and sawflies all come from the largest order of insects: hymenoptera. But those only name a few, there are 130,000 recognized species catagorized as Hymenoptera and more to be named. This name placed with these insects often refers to the heavy wings located on members of the order. All of these insects often have similar qualities both in appearence and in characteristics.

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    Yes, ants and bees are related. They belong to the order Hymenoptera, which means “membrane wing”. All insects in this order have chewing mouthparts as adults, go through a complete metamorphosis, and have 4 transparent wings.

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    Prenda11 is right but in fact some bees and ants are related even more closely as they are in the same suborder of Apocrita as well.  This suborder is also known as Parasitica.  It is considered an artificial grouping, though I’ll be honest and admit I do not know what the point of that is though.  

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    yes they are the same

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