Are ants and bees related?



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    Ant’s and bees share an order – Hymenoptera – a group covering insects with menbrane wings. Also in this order are wasps. They both have a larval grub stage, as well as similar chewing mandibles.

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    Yes, ants and bees are closely related. They are both members of the order Hymenoptera, which means “membrane wing.” Ants and bees both have chewing mouthparts when they reach adulthood, and both undergo a metamorphosis as they mature. As infants, they both also resemble worms/caterpillars.  As a side note, although most ants (workers) do not seem to have wings the way bees do, queens and drones do have wings, which may help clarify the unexpected relation between bees and ants somewhat.  

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    Yes they are closely related insects.  All are in the same order, Hymenoptera, which means “membrane wing.”  All insects in this order, have chewing mouthparts as adults, and all go through a complete metamorphosis, with immature stages that resemble worms or caterpillars.  Most wasps and bees have four transparent wings.  Most ants that are encountered (worker ants) do not have wings, but other members of the ant colonies, such as queens and drones, have four transparent wings and look very much like wasps.

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