Are antibiotics in livestock contributing to antibiotic-resistant diseases in humans?



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    The answer to your question depends, as with many issues, upon whom you ask. The current administration is attempting to ban the use of many routine antibiotics in livestock, claiming that their use has led to outbreaks of bacteria in humans. Giving antibiotics to livestock and poultry in the hopes of either fending off disease or promoting growth can instead create antibiotic-resistant bacteria that then enter humans upon meat consumption. The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that 70% of antibiotics routinely used in the United States are being fed to healthy livestock and poultry. Approximately 90,000 Americans die every year from bacterial infections, with 70% of those showing resistance to at least one type of antibiotic.  And though many medical groups support this claim, of course the farm organizations disagree, pointing to the scarcity of supporting scientific studies.

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