Are animals in cities evolving?



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    Animals in cities are not actually “evolving”.  Many species living in cities, around many people, are adapting to the lifestyle of its inhabitants. 

    If a squirrel lives in Central Park, NY, NY, it will be quite used to seeing people every single day.  If some of those people choose to give it food or try to get closer to it, little by little the squirrel will get used to it.  Animals will change their built-in instincts after awhile.  Humans are the same way.  Thousands of years ago people walked everywhere and hunted/gathered their food.  Now, most people use other forms of transportation and usually purchase ready-made food. 

    This can be dangerous for animals because it is like raising an animal in a zoo where the environment is controlled and then letting it loose in the wild.  Most likely, the animal will have lost its natural survival instincts because it relied on humans. 

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    Some smaller animals actually have been changing quite quickly due to the global warming, though there is debate over if the changes are evolution of the genes, or just adaptations to the changing climates. It is definite that squirrels, birds, and insects (generally the quicker reproducing animals) have been breeding earlier in the year due to longer growing seasons. This may be that animals do this just because it is possible to breed earlier, or because their inherited traits are giving them the instinct to breed sooner and increase their offsprings’ chance of survival.

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