Are amusement parks bad for the environment?



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    Amusement parks can be bad for the environment but there are ways to make it less deleterious. Amusement parks use a lot of energy to run the rides, which requires energy. Depending on the size of the amusement park, they also affect ecosystems in whatever locale they decide to build the amusement park. There is waste from the consumers that needs to be disposed of as well. Also, all the building materials to construct the amusement parks needs to be taken into consideration. There are effects that amusement parks surely have on the environment but there are things we can do to make their effects less damaging by conserving and consuming less.

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    It appears that amusement parks are bad for the environment since it needs bright and decorated lighting throughout the park at night. The parking lots for these amusement parks are typically large and take a great amount of land and space; they also contribute to heating if the material is asphalt or concrete and require a great amount of electricity use to light up the lot. Since many people attend to these places, the paths and roads within the amusement park are trampled on a frequent basis and, thus, making the ground stiff and soil compacted underneath. People in amusement parks also produce a great amount of food waste, but if recycled properly, it would be less of an issue. Lastly, amusement parks are built horizontally and need wide, additional space for individual roller coasters and long lines and other recreational facilities.

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