Are the Amish laughing really loudly right now as the rest of us are try to reduce our impact on the environment?



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    No, they’re far too stoic to laugh out loud.

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    I would suspect probably not, because although they themselves contribute to environmental degradation to a much smaller degree than the rest of American culture, they will still suffer the consequences of climate change and environmental upheaval. In particular, their rural lifestyle will be impacted as the environment changes. On the other hand, one of the core beliefs in the Amish tradition is that they will attain salvation by living an interdependent life, separate from modern society, of love and community. Perhaps although they are aware that the environment is changing and it may have a devastating effect on their way of life, it is more important that they attain salvation by living in a community that is separate from the modern world, and our efforts to change the environment has little impact on them or their ultimate fate after death. So, yes, as the writer above implies, they are ambivalent to what “the rest of us” are doing.

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    Although the Amish live fairly environmentally friendly lifestyles by refraining from cars and other modern luxuries, they are not completely green themselves. Amish farming practices have become increasingly modern, meaning a greater environmental impact. The Amish living near Chesapeake Bay recently came under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Agency because of the amount of manure their cows produce daily, which has been washing into streams and subsequently flowing into the bay. Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, which has a large number of Amish citizens, is responsible for the greatest amount of deadly runoff nitrogen and phosphorous. Because of this, the EPA has been making an effort to guide the Amish into more environmentally friendly farming practices.

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