Are Americans too quick to replace something instead of fix it?



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    In my opinion we are. We throw away things without consider trying them for other purposes. We waste way to much stuff without working on fixing it. As for technologies, I think when an old one is outdated and we have a much better one (like alternative energy) in a way we are fixing it (the problem of global warming/ climate change) by replacing the old systems with a new, better ones.

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    For the most part, I think the majority of Americans are quicker to replace things than to fix them. But I also think what it boils down to is how much money it costs to fix it versus replacing it; the age and condition of whatever it is comes into place. Is it worth saving? That’s one of the biggest questions we’re faced with. Are you constantly going to have to keep repairing it? Somethings are cheaper over the long run to simply replace them. Other things, your invest too much money in it in the first place to just toss it away, and it’s more logical to fix them.

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