Are Americans starting to unplug their appliances more?



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    I don’t think this is something that is prevalent only in America. This is something that happens all over the world. Most people I know would be happy to unplug as many appliances as they can, but sometimes, it’s just not really convenient. For instance, some appliances that many would leave unplugged are impossible for my family, as we run a business out of our home. Our printer stays pugged in because it doubles as a fax machine, and most of the rest of our appliances run on timers to turn on and off. What we have that we can unplug, we actually just plug into a long strip plug. Then, we just turn that on and off as we see fit.

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    Yes, i do.  And i also tell my friends about the vampire energy.  Most people just didn’t know! But the awareness is spreading…. so in the US, and across the world, more people are unplugging items, and saving in the process!

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