Are Americans more efficient than any other nation?



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    Sadly, we are more efficient at some pretty terrible things (like killing, we’ve got it down to a science) and some pretty wonderful things (like running businesses and a democratic voting system) at the same time. I’d say from an energy standpoint we are at the inefficient end of the spectrum when it comes to using our energy wisely—right now there are probably a million or more lights turned on that need not be!—but we can make energy pretty efficiently, that’s for sure (but we sacrafice efficiency in being ecofriendly for efficiency in cutting costs)… It’s all about the $ (it’s a shame we’re still so stuck in the ways of the past) and until it becomes more costly to waste and overproduce and consume more than we need, then we are going to keep on doing things inefficiently whenever and wherever it saves us money. So no, we are not more efficient than any other nation. We have what it takes to be though; we just haven’t applied ourselves (yet). Luckily some of us have started working on that. Good question and keep up the eco-consciousness movement! 

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