Are Americans eating genetically modified food every day?



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    Genetically modified probably not, but cloning is one way that people propose helping food shortages around the world. The problem is, is it cost effective, and are these cloned crops healthy to be consumed.


    If you want to make sure your produce is legit, and grown naturally, then buy organic foods or buy foods grown from local farmers.

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    Almost everyone has eaten a GMO food. There is a guide to avoiding GMO foods that lists brands that use GMO crops. The number of big brands is shocking. Download it using the link below. 

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    Probably.  Many foods are genetically modified.  However, there are some foods that are specifically non-GMO.  They are usually clearly labeled.

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    Definitely. Over the past few years though, movements are being made to step away from these genetically modified crops and reaching/consuming more sustainable and organic products. It is estimated that 60-70% of American foods contain GMOs.

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