Are Americans afraid of change even if it means helping the environment?



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    Americans and people in general are often afraid of change even if it means helping the environment. The reason is because they don’t always understand why they need to stop doing things the way they are used to or have been taught. Particularly when it comes to the environment, people often can’t see the results of their behavior, good or bad, which makes changing feel not important. People also commonly think that one person’s actions cannot make a difference to the whole of society, but this is not correct as all change can start with one person.

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    Change is a huge fear to many people. Being comfortable is easily accepted and once comfortable having something that might affect you is scary to most. Even though change will benefit the environment, I believe that most people just rather continue living their lives the way they are, and are depending on other people to solve the problem.

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    Yes definitely. Americans do not like what can effect themselves in anyway as to make it worse. People do not like to see change, especially if their lives are going good (in some ways rightfully so). However, some changes can be done with minimal impact on peoples lives. Things like recycling and composting take little effort and can do great things for nature. 

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