Are almonds grown in any other state besides California?



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    Almonds are native to the Middle East, thus, they must be cultivated in areas that have similar climates. Only the state of California can support almond cultivation. Almond trees cultivated in California supply 100% of the US’s commercial supply of almonds, and 80% of the world’s supply. The disappearance of bees has become an especially large problem for the almond farms in California, as the pollination of almond trees is heavily dependent on bee populations.

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    California certainly produces the vast bulk of almonds grown within the US. In 2007 the USDA recorded that ~6700 farms grew almonds across the US. 97% of those farmers were located in California. However 25 other states also contained at least one almond farm, lead by Oregon (31 almond farms), Utah (30 farms), and Virginia (20 farms). 

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