Are alligators or crocodiles more aggressive?



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    Typically, crocodiles are more aggressive towards humans. Saltwater crocodiles are particularly aggressive. The crocodile goes after its prey more instinctively than an alligator. Whenever you’re in an area around either an alligator or a crocodile, though, make sure to be careful. If on a boat, never dangle your arms or legs in the water. Both crocodiles and alligators like to ambush their prey, and whichever one attacks you, you’re not likely to win.

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    Crocodiles have been known to attack humans more often than alligators, and attacks from crocodiles are fatal more often as well. Crocodiles are larger and more aggressive, whereas alligators are more timid will usually attack to defend it’s nest. When an alligator is fed by humans, they stand a chance of losing their fear of people and can become very aggressive.

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