Are all whales endangered?



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    No, all whales are not endangered.  Out of the 11 specie of whales, 7 are considered endangered.  This includes the Mysticetes, or baleen whales, such as the humpback or blue whale.  There are many dolphin and porpoise species that are not considered endangered.  The great whales suffered a huge blow to their populations during whaling times.   

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    All cetaceans are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) but not all are endangered.  Cetaceans include whales (baleen and toothed), dolphins and porpoises and encompoas approximately 78 different species. 

    As a point of note, there are 11 species of baleen whlaes (Mysticeti) and 67 species of toothed (Odontoceti) cetaceans.

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