Are all (U.S.) Republicans nuts – ot is ti that all nuts are Republicans?

Here in Europe we watch with growing amazement and some horror of the loonies that are allowed out to practice politics. That they have won elections is the scary part. That means for every loony US politician there are thousands of loony electors. I really am worried about America.



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    There may be some nuts around here, but I feel that the democratic process weeds out the worst of the bunch. For example, if there are numerous spelling errors in a statement sent out by a person, that generates doubts about his credibility and he probably will not be elected. Europe has its fair share of questionable leaders as well ,and at least in America our leaders are chosen instead of self-appointed, that helps cut down on the nuts. 

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      “at least in America our leaders are chosen instead of self-appointed”, – like who??? Where???
      In Europe we have elected represented democracy’s too. While there are some heads of state that are not elected – they are not self appointed. As one who lives in a republic with an elected head of state I despair on the lack of knowledge shown by US Americans on the nature of politics outside their own part of the world.
      Can Maes is the very embodiment of right-wing politician that works from a knee-jerk (only) reaction and doesn’t seem to have any clear formulated thinking on the future of his own or indeed any other country.
      There are some good politicians around – certainly but anyone claiming that using bikes is in some way ‘un-American’ leaves me wondering just what kind of people would support such a neo-Luddite.

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      I’m glad you see it that way. Just as it is unfair to say that Europe is run my self appointed leaders just because there are some non elected officials, it is completely unfair to say that all Republicans are nuts because of the actions of one crazy guy. And Can Maes is crazy, there is no arguing that, but I would say that he is not the embodiment of any political work in America, he is more like an exception. It is sad to see him getting any sort of attention(which he obviously wants) when he deserves none at all. The only reason we have heard of him is because he is a nut, there are many more politicians out there that are not in the news because they are not crazy. We can only hope that people will see that he is an exception and not judge the entire Republican party or the people that voted for him as they judge Maes.

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    I don’t know how much of a keen observer you are of U.S. politics.  It’s easy for people who are left-of-center to think Republicans are “loony”, but that’s a very geo-centric view.  If I were to turn it around, I would ask how members of the British National Party can be elected as representatives in England when they are openly racist.  But it’s not that black and white.

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      You’re correct to mention the awful rise of the British NP. We in Ireland despair of them too. However they at least are less vocal in their “loony” claims than Maes. It’s not the first time ha has come out against ideas that might enhance both American health and America’s love of oil particularly for transport. The trouble is when high profile persons offer a weird comment – others less well educated and less well able to think for themselves will assume he must be right. Therein lies the danger, and the lunacy.

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    There are nuts in both parties.  However, the Republicans are more willing to sacrifice environmental quality to promote monetary gain and create jobs and wealth than most Democrats.  Both parties clamor to reduce spending while bragging about their bring federal tax dollars to their constituents.

    However, as a general rule, Democrats care more about the environment.  But, it was a Republican President who signed many of our environmnetal protection laws.

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    Oh, there are some certifiable Democrats too.

    But Republicans really take the cake for determinedly crazy.

    When they have a cause that is indefensible, their tactic is to attack the questioner and talk so much that the questioner finally must throw their hands in the air and walk away.

    I feel they use this tactic, because if they listened, really listened, they would have to change their minds. That would be their greatest fear, to admit a mistake. So they talk, talk, talk, instead – convincing themselves by sound and fury. Very sad.

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    Yeah, I’m worried about America too. And the republican party for sure is crazy. Some things that people get away with over here is enough to make me wonder how we are still a functioning country. It’s the main reason why I think moving away would be a great idea. Thanks for the great question! 

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