Are all tarantulas safe to handle?



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    Yes. Most tarantulas are safe to handle. The safe ones can be found in pet stores. Most tarantulas do not have a venomous bite, their venom is used to take down smaller preys. Most of all tarantula are not dangerous to humans, they are quite friendly and make great pets. 

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    Most pet tarantulas are safe to handle. However, if provoked when handling, tarantulas can kick hair at it’s provoker/attacker. The hairs can cause a bit of skin irritation such as a rash that may be painful. Although tarantulas have a venomous bite, the venom will usually not cause any significant harm to the person that has been bit unless that person has an allergic reaction to the bite. Usually, the bite of a tarantula is similar to a bee sting and may cause some pain. Sometimes, nausea and a fever can result from a tarantula bite. Generally, tarantulas are not dangerous to humans, and with proper care can be handled safely.

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