Are all the species in the Great Lakes affected by the Asian carp?



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    Yes.  The Asian Carp primarily eats plankton which elimates the lower links of the food chain and reverberates throughout the whole food chain.  All species in a food chain are linked together so what affects one will affect all, eventually.

    They also pose a serious hazard to boaters due to their habit of flinging themselves out of the water when startled, not a trival consideration when they can reach weights of over 100 lbs each.


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    Yes all four species of Asian carp are hazardous to native species and the native ecosystem. They can consume 40% of their body weight everyday and steal the food supply from other species. With no natural predators or disease in their native waters, the Asian carp quickly increase their population and become the bulk of the biomass. The bighead carp doesn’t have a stomach so it needs to eat constantly. By consuming large amounts of plankton and algae, this increased competition for food causes less food available for native species. Since there are no natural predators to regulate the population of the carp, they can quickly wipe out the population of organisms native to the waters. Silver carp are especially hazardous because they leap from the water when disturbed and have been known to seriously injure boaters and jet skiers.

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