Are all sharks live birth?



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    No, Sharks can give birth in three different ways.  Some sharks do give live births, but others lays eggs and some even give birth in a third way.  The Cat Shark and Bull Shark both lay eggs which are in the shape of squares.  The Blue Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Gray Shark, and Saw Shark all give live births.  The third way is when sharks are raised in eggs inside the mother, until they are ready to break the egg shell and crawl out of both the egg and the mother.  Sharks like this include the Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, and Carpet Shark.

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    Viviparous: live birth. 

    Oviparous: eggs layed outside the body

    Ovoviviparous: eggs hatch inside the body, then emerge appearing to be a live birth. 

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