Are all people who Geocache crazy?

i think they are, but i don’t know for sure…



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    I’ve done it, and I’m relatively sane : )

    Geocache-ing (not sure if that’s a word, if not, you’re welcome Merriam-Webster) for those who don’t know is basically a “treasure” hunt, using GPS locations.  You log onto the main geocache site, or one of several other branch-off sites, find the location of a “cache” and then go try to find it.  There are some rules involved as far as what can be added to the “cache” and how you should hide it from plain view.  Some people can definitely go a little overboard on this, but at the same time like with any niche hobby nobody wants their good time ruined by people who don’t know what they’re doing.  To be honest, making it a lifestyle (i.e., regular thing) is kind of crazy, but if you haven’t tried it at least once you should give it a shot.

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    People who geocache mostly do it for entertainment value.  While it may seem a quirky hobby, it is fun to discover what lies hidden around your area.  I’ve accidentally come across a geocache while looking for fossils in Shoal Creek.  Many people had already found it and had added in other items.  There was also a piece of paper with the names of everyone who had looked in the container.  You should try it to see how creative people are.

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    One person’s “crazy” is another person’s “adventurous”, you might say. There’s definitely some degree of eccentricity that would go into something undertaking something like this, but I’d say it’s in a healthy way.

    I think this video does a good job of showing geocaching from a so called “outsider’s perspective.” A young woman who recently discovered it, and was giving it a try despite some concerns. Ultimately she seemed engaged by the same spirit of discovery and adventure that seems to appeal to others.

    Is it as commonplace as an ordinary hobby? Perhaps not, but there’s very little harm that could come from at least trying it out.

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    I would say those who like to geocache are a bit imaginative and very brave! I wouldn’t say they are crazy. I have never done it, so I won’t say too much about geocaching. It seems fun though. 

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