Are all mushrooms fungi?



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    Yes. The 2nd link below provides pictures of various types of mushrooms. The 1st one is for a book about mushrooms. 

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    Not exactly. A mushroom is a part of a fungus rather than an organism. It is the equivalent of a plant’s fruit as it carries spores. Not all fungi bear mushrooms either – yeasts and molds don’t.

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    Good question, Terrell.  All mushrooms are fungi, yes, but all fungi are not mushrooms.  Fungi also includes things like mold and yeast, though mushrooms are probably the better known out of the lot.

    Hope this helps!

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    Good question, mushrooms are all fungi, however they are like flowers, in that they contain spores, but like many plants, the eukaryotic fungus kingdom has many members which do not produce mushrooms such as various yeasts and molds.

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