Are all moons made of the same materials?



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    No, definitely not. Some moons are made of frozen gases and ice. There is a ton of variation in the composition of moons. See some of the more interesting ones: IO, Europa, 


    Here’s a cool quote about Europa, one of Jupiter’s ice moons: “Europa may be internally active, and its crust may have, or had in the past, liquid water which can harbor life.” That internally active thing is almost definitely true, as they have witness events known as “Cryovulcanism” which means ice-volcano! Imagine a frozen soda can, but pushing through the lunar surface instead of the aluminum wall!

    And IO is incredibly hot — volcanos, heat and gases galore — because of tidal heating! There’s some really interesting and inspiring (in the way of green thinking and innovating goes) stuff going on out there in our solar system alone.

    See also:


    I should probably mention though that I feel like —because of the importance of stabilizing the natural environment, and cutting down on emissions and wastes of huge amounts of energy and fuel — I am not in favor of the space program at this point (why not fix the wonderful, perfect planet we have here instead of thinking of some off-the-wall last resort of a plan to colonize Mars or the moon or something). In other words I do not think we should jeopardize the well-being of our environment in an attempt to continue to learn and explore outer space — it is simply too costly (in both energy consumption, and allocation of precious resources, like human brain power, fuel, monetary funds, and governmental attention) and it is directly responsible for pollution of our atmosphere, so we should abandon the space project (at least GOING to outer space, not studying it with telescopes and using our satellites and space imaging technology) until we can solve the greater more pressing problem of halting climate change. Because earth is not beyond repair, if we continue to spend all we have been trying to get off this place because it might get bad in the future, without realize we are making it worse in the present, then that’d be a shame of ignorance. 

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