Are all jellyfish poisonous?



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    Not all species of jellyfish are poisonous even though they all have stinging cells called nematocysts. In fact, some jellyfish are beneficial to other organisms. Some are used by algae as a place to live. In exchange for this, the algae give off chemicals that in turn nourish the jellyfish. But most jellyfish act as a “base” to small fish, protecting them from larger prey within their string of tentacles. Some turtles for example are unaffected by the jellyfish’s stingers. In fact some turtles even eat jellyfish.

    Most jellyfish stings are simply uncomfortable. However, some can also be deadly. “The sting of the sea wasp, Chironex fleckeri, is so toxic that it can cause death. Some even call this creature the deadliest animal on earth.”

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    No they are not all poisonous. There are non poisonous jellyfish.. (eg they will sting,but not kill).

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