Are all of the ingredients in beer naturally found in the environment?



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    The basic ingredients in beer are barley, hops, yeast, and water. These are all natural ingredients. Two are plants, one is a microbe, and the other is water. Sometimes, artificial flavoring is added to the beer.

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    It depends specifically what beer you’re referring to. Short answer is, yes, fermentation is a natural process and alcoholic beverages can be created without any chemical additives or filler agents. Try looking in smaller or specialty liquor stores for micro-brews and independent organic spirits. Particularly with mass produced beers like Anheuser Busch  products, I’m almost certain that you would find trace amounts of pesticides or the like from the barley or hops. 

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    Regardless of what trace elements of the “unnatural” you can find in today’s beer, beer can certainly be made naturally, and has been for 6-7000 years.  Invented separately by different cultures, evidence of beer-making has been found from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and what is now Iran. 

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