Are all Hindus vegetarian?



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    No, not all Hindus follow a vegetarian diet. However, all or almost all of them don’t eat beef, as cows are sacred to their religion.

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    Just like any religion, followers practice their faith in different ways and degrees.  Vedic scriptures from which guides Hinduism contains several passages that imply vegetarians.  However, as with all religions, people are selective on what parts to follow and what is more or less sacred and important.

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    My friend is Hindu and he loves beef 🙂  Today’s modern lifestyles allow us to learn and participate with things that we resonate with, and be flexible enough to follow what we feel is best and true.  There are many devout Hindus who will practice vegetarianism and refrain from eating beef, but this is less common than it used to be.

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    I’ve certainly met Hindus who eat beef. There are many sects of Hinduism – in fact, the name “Hinduism” is derived from the region from which “Hindus” come, the Indus valley. As you might be able to guess, there are a variety of leaders which a variety of Hindus follow. There is not a central tenant for any two Hindus. A large amount of Hindus choose vegetarianism, especially when compared to other relgious followings. However, the faith is in no way homogenous – many Hindus eat meat.

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